Frontline Animal Welfare in Ukraine

We exist to evacuate, feed, rehome and rehabilitate animals caught in the crossfire of war in Ukraine


Last line of support for animals caught in the war

NOR DOG is based out of Kharkiv, serving de-occupied areas and frontlines, in order to: evacuate, treat and find homes for abandoned animals. We also produce dog and cat food for the communities most in need and affected by the war.

We rely on your supporters such as yourself to help us make a real impact every day.

We operate at the frontlines and
de-occupied territories.

De-occupied areas are communities that experienced the full scale of brutality from invading Russia. They have since had their sovereignty restored by Ukraine’s armed forces. However, these areas remain extremely fragile, many residents have fled, infrastructure and supply lines are compromised. We primarly serve and operate in these areas.

Where the Armed Forces of Ukraine advance, we’re never far behind.

Dogs evacuated, treated and rehomed
of dog food produced and delivered in 2023
Communities served in deoccupied areas

Donate today to make a real difference in the well-being of animals in Ukraine

Our funds are not sent to other charities, we are not a middle-man entity or “marketing charity”.

We produce our own dog food in a factory here in Kharkiv, and distribute it ourselves to communities at risk. We also evacuate, shelter and proactively work to re-home abandoned animals — and with great success so far.

There is however, still a lot of work ahead of us.

NOR DOG is registered as a non-profit organisation in Norway (930 762 032), and is dedicated to various animal welfare campaigns at the frontlines of the war in Ukraine. Its daily operations and shelter are based in Kharkiv, Ukraine

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