About us

An international and experienced team working towards real results

Our Vision & Mission

NOR DOG was founded by Frederik Guttormsen at the beginning of the war as he saw the events unfold from the comforts of his home in Norway. Since then, the mission has been simple.

→ Evacuate and rehome animals most at risk. With our team, processes and experience, we are uniquely positioned to support animals in high-risk areas.

Contribute to overall animal welfare in these high-risk areas. We currently produce and distribute high volumes of dog and cat feed. We want to expand into other activities (i.e. mobile clinic, spay & neuter campaigns, etc.)

Leadership Team

Frederik Guttormsen<br>
Frederik Guttormsen

Founder & Executive Director

Frederik Guttormsen is a Norwegian animal lover an successful ecommerce entrepreneur specializing in growth marketing and is by many considered one of Norway’s foremost experts in his field. Since 2014, he has co-founded multiple ventures that today employ in excess of 400 people with a total market capitalization of about two billion kroner, or about €200.000.000. 
Frederik has been supporting shelters since 2017 and sees how reliant they are on people’s surplus time and money, resources that there will never be enough of. 

Frederik’s investing serious time and money into NOR DOG and aims to deploy his ecommerce and marketing expertise to create animal welfare at unprecedented scale worldwide. 


Svitlana Bachurina<br>
Svitlana Bachurina

Director of Shelter Operations

Biography coming soon.

Pavel Khramtsov<br>
Pavel Khramtsov

Director of Field Operations

Biography coming soon.

Noel Tock<br>
Noel Tock

Director of Strategy

Noel is a Swiss entrepreneur who has been building digital experiences since 1995, and assisting animal charities since 2006. He co-founded Human Made, which builds some of the web’s largest websites and powers billions of pageviews every year (using the open-source software WordPress).

At NOR DOG, he brings his experience in leadership, growth and technology — merging his understanding building successful teams and products, with the urgency and limitations of this unjustified and illegal war.

In Ukraine, he also contributes to other NGO projects on an ad-hoc basis.


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Every dollar counts and helps us bring hope, joy, and essential resources to animals need. Together, we can create a better tomorrow.

NOR DOG is registered as a non-profit organisation in Norway (930 762 032), and is dedicated to various animal welfare campaigns at the frontlines of the war in Ukraine. Its daily operations and shelter are based in Kharkiv, Ukraine